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October submissions close in

A Bronze Age Template: Sonora
Elegant is the first word that springs to mind after landing on this website. The online shop is as unique as the products themselves and the snap scroll effect on the gallery page is the icing on the cake. Designer: Garret Schauteet
Squarepear Creative Template: Eamon
Let’s get creative with this South African design studio. Some clever use of parallax scrolling breaks up the white space and has you diving deeper for more. Designer: Squarepear Creative
Alexandrino Project Template: Developer
One of the most stylish homepages you’re ever likely to come across will have you wanting to shop ‘til you drop. Designer: Faction Studio
Lovably Template: Om
You can see how much love goes into this New York design company’s projects from the moment you land on the homepage. The minimalist layout shouts style and substance. Designer: Lovably Inc.
Brandon Brown Template: Fulton
Visual, striking and full of life - prepare to be captivated by this striking design. Check out the clever mixture of images and gifs in this designer’s portfolio gallery. Designer: Brandon Brown
The Creative Life Template: Thorne
Ever thought about starting your very own art collection? These guys can help you do just that in a way that oozes individuality and style. Take a look at the prints available in the online shop. Designer: John Tindel
The Muse Template: Developer
This is fun. Includes a winning video background (complete with controls), pop-out footer, and custom arrow navigation. What’s not to love? Designer: The Muse
Water Journal Template: Lange
When was the last time you took a step back and just admired the beauty and complexity of water. This website is dedicated to doing just that, and what better way than with a vast array of breathtaking images that progressively load as you scroll through. Designer: Edvinas Bruzas
Bingham Townhouse Template: Sonora
A hotel, restaurant, and bar all rolled into one extravagant website. It's elegant and is calming with its subtle paint pallet. Designer:BOLDbold Studio
Brookside Play Template: Pacific
This inspiring community initiative helps kids bounce back from emotional trauma. Let the cute illustrated characters melt your heart as you browse this website and learn about the life-changing work. Designer: HellothisisJeff Design
Buns & Sons Template: Pacific
If this doesn’t tantalise your tastebuds, nothing will. Buns and Sons creations are beautifully laid out on a glossy black background. Designer: Klaus Dyba
Christel Voss Template: Charlotte
Proof that Squarespace is spreading far and wide. This Danish designer draws you in with a wonderfully colorful and aesthetically pleasing website. Designer: Christel Voss
Polymorph Extra Template: York
This futuristic art collective have built a website that encapsulates their style. The responsive navigation leads you to their various departments and clever use of lazy load eases you into the wealth of content. Designer: Polymorph Extra
Seattle Cycles Template: Developer
Go on a ride with Seattle Cycles as they guide you through all the latest bicycle gadgets you need for the perfect outing. The innovative video background will grab your attention on arrival. Designer: Every1 Knows
Shape Shift Template: Forte
This digital trend publication have created a website that manages to be simultaneously spacious and busy, with a back catalogue of issues on display. Check out the podcast for some valuable industry insights. Designer: Punodostres
Maven Template: Marta
As e-commerce goes, Maven’s new site is right up there with the very best. Full of texture and consistent throughout, you’ll be browsing their delightful home accessories to your heart’s content. Designer: Ryan T Crown
Instafund Template: Marquee
Straight to the point and does exactly what it says on the tin. A fabulous example of how some clever animation can radically change the look and feel of a text-heavy website. Designer: 123w
Natalie Zises Template: Pacific
One for the foodies! With vibrant colours and fresh style, Natalie will coach you through all of your bad habits and leave you feeling as magic as her website. Designer: Casey Altman Design
Miroja Template: Mercer
Delve into a beautiful botanic experience with Miroja. The clear layout and tailored shop provide clever home solutions with a Scandinavian influence. Designer: Cherie Marquez
Wolf Template: Pacific
Stunning from start to finish. There’s so much to love about this website that we think it’s best to leave it to you to explore. Designer: Wolf
Arto Studio Template: Lange
The simple use of icons draws inspiration from Egyptian hieroglyphics and provides the basis for an easy-to-navigate website. Keep an eye out for the subtle logo animations. Designer: Mar Reyes
Camp Tampa Template: Pacific
Who said a business website has to be boring? Camp Tampa have done an excellent job of injecting plenty of personality and humour into their website while maintaining their professional status. Designer: Jenni Schwartz Design
Chello Template: Sonoma
Twinkle, twinkle website delight - let this sparkly design brighten your day. We were particularly impressed by the custom filter gallery showcasing some of their finest projects. Designer: Chello
Logorado Template: Avenue
Branding at its best. This freelance logo designer based in Turkey is at the top of his game, creating logos in a recognisable yet distinctive style. When your portfolio is this good, why deflect from it? Designer: Nadir Balcikli
Naya Traveler Template: Mercer
Travel far and wide, the planet beautifully captured in one awesome place. One look at this website will broaden your horizons and have you reaching for the suitcase. Designer: Naya Traveler
Nicola Bernardi Template: Wells
Stunning photography presented in a clean and simple manner, Nicola has nailed his portfolio website. The addition of an arrow navigation allows you to flick through his amazing images with ease. Designer: Nicola Bernardi
Pepperclip Studio Template: Five
If you have ever come across cover pages as quirky as this French creative studio, we’d love to see it! Interact with all the funny faces before you've even entered the homepage. Designer: Pepperclip Studio
Rachel Nicholls Template: Pacific
Rich with a variety of content including top-of-the-range images, videos, and audio. Prepare to be transformed to the stage with one of the most exciting dramatic sopranos of her generation. Designer: English Photoworks
Startas Template: Bedford
Bursting with pinks and blues that reflect this too-cool-for-school brand, these sneakers are certainly on my wish list. Designer: Jorge Fernández Puebla
Wash Ink Template: Pacific
This design team are confident in their work, and this is clearly reflected in their own website. Complete with an experimental photo gallery and comical team section. Designer: Wash Ink